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Recipe of the Week : “12-hour” Pho

The classic Vietnamese soup is the subject of our chef Wayan Kertiyasa this week!


Pho (pronounced "Fo") is the Vietnamese national dish.
This soup consists of rice noodles, beef and aromatic herbs (coriander, basil ..), all cooked in beef broth (The broth must cook for at least 8 hours).

At the beginning, Pho soup was tasted only at breakfast, but this tradition did not endure and now Vietnamese people eat it at any time of the day.

According to the story, its name comes from the French dish, the pot to the fire and would be due to the French influence during the colonies but the origin of the name is not certain. Originally, there was no beef and meat would have arrived with the French in the 19th century.

Our Recipe :

  • Pho Broth ⇒  500mL ( mainly composed of oxtail and beef shank) for 12 hours !

  • Kwetiau ⇒ 180g

  • Beef shank ⇒ 40g

  • Beef tenderloin ⇒ 40g

  • Meatballs (beef) ⇒ 2 pcs

  • Leek ⇒ 20g

  • Coriander ⇒ 15g

  • Spring onions ⇒ 1 teaspoon  

On the side :

  • bean sprout ⇒ 10g

  • Chili slice ⇒ 3 pcs

  • Lime ⇒ ¼

  • Thai basil ⇒ 1 small bouquet of leaves

  • Hoisin sauce

  • Sriracha chili

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