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New cocktail in Seminyak !

This Ginger Fever is the perfect refresher. Tasty and healthy, the flavours will bring you straight to the tropics!

The ginger is actually originate from Tropical country such as India, China Nepal, Indonesia.... Botanically, ginger is a part of Zingiberaceae family.It is a plant who grown the world over for their medicinal and culinary value..The slightly sweet-flavoured is often used fro drinks, vinegar and desserts, but they are actually a very healthy, rich in antioxidant, it is also known to have anti inflammatory and antibacterial properties and facilitates digestion. And you’ve seen some  probably a billion times in the grocery store!

The Cocktail is a preparation of Thai Tea, Star Anise and Ginger confite, pepper, fresh guava juice, gin and vodka.

Using Pepper in cocktail will bring some spice and Character, perfect to dehydrate! 


Will you be trying this Ginger Fever Cocktail? If you try any of my cocktails be sure to let me know in the comments, on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook – I’d love to hear how you enjoy this cocktail!

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